Long Haul Travel Incentives & Rewards

Undeniably striking, choosing the right long haul destination can raise your incentive programme to new heights. The key is to deliver a genuinely unique opportunity, tailored to capture the attention and enthusiasm of your particular audience. Selling long haul to your team is relatively easy. Delivering a programme that excels isnít.

So what should you be looking for in a specialist to help you achieve your goals? You need to know the company you trust with your budget understands your objectives and has the skill to deliver every aspect of your programme professionally. You need to be sure that they have the experience, knowledge and passion and as importantly, the understanding of local customs and cultures necessary, to deliver an outstanding programme. Finally you need to feel confident that you will be given the care and attention to detail you have the right to expect.

At ASR we work hard to make sure that each and every detail is designed and controlled to deliver an travel incentive programme that doesnít just work but that excels. That's what you expect of your team and we feel itís what you should expect of us.

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Recent highlights include:

  • Helicopters over Table Mountain
    Helicopter rides over
    Table Mountain
  • Private pool villas in Anantara
    Private pool villas
    in Anantara
  • Husky rides in Gstaad
    Hot Air Ballooning
    over Cappadocia